Welcome to the tracker for the swedish HT national teams!


Here you can see information about what is happening around the national teams, about the players, of the best players outside the national teams and players who are not quite there yet. With the tracker we aim to make the work of scouts and coaches easier, and allowing them to focus on making the national teams better! We are of course a Certified Hattrick Product Provider.

If you encounter any problems or just want to send us an opinion about something, dont hesitate! Use the feedback-function in the lower right of the page. We would appreciate it if you are logged in while doing the report so that we can contact you if necessary. Thank you!



The Swedish National Teams has decided to move their official tracker to the new global tracker, Hattrick Portal. Please go there to scan your players instead. HTSweden will continue to run for some time, but the plan is to shut it down eventually.

When you get to Hattrick Portal there is a box in the top-right corner which says "Tracking your players", check "Yes" and your players will be updated automatically every day, without the need to login in manually. Just like on HTSweden!


This week I released a new CHPP application, Tactics. It's a tool that allows you to show your lineups to your friends. Try it out at!



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Svenska HT-Landslagens Tracker now uses OAuth to connect your team to hattrick. This means logging in with your securitycode will no longer work!

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